Blinds offer the perfect solution to filter sun and provide privacy.  They are cost effective, efficient and complete the look of a room. We have a tremendous variety of fabrics which are hard wearing. We supply and install blinds that are made to measure.


What are your requirements for your home?

  • Privacy

  • Warmth

  • Sun protection


Understanding what you want helps us to provide the best window solution for your home.  We live in Queenstown and provide great value blinds, to new and existing properties throughout Central Otago.

Sunscreen blinds

  • Practical solution to protecting your privacy and furnishings from the sun

  • Filter sunlight, yet allow you to see outside

  • Provide an ideal way to control light and heat in your home or office

  • Energy efficient by filtering the sun,, sunscreens keep rooms cooler in summer

Block Out Blinds

  • Keep light out during the day – good for children/people trying to sleep during the day

  • Can be used in conjunction with curtains for extra window dressing

  • Block Out blinds don’t have to be in one colour, they come in a variety of colours

  • Containing the heat in the room during the winter months

  • Ideal for rooms such as bathrooms and bedrooms, where you require privacy

Thermal Blinds

  • Provides privacy

  • Offer modest energy benefits by providing insulation, trapping air, and blocking sunlight, to improve heat control and reduce heat loss.

  •  Ensure unwelcome light is kept out in the mornings or day-time for a black out effect, especially in the summer months.

  • Can be used in conjunction with curtains for extra window dressing

Venetian Blinds

  • Reliable, highly functional, and decorative window treatment

  • Fully adjustable to alter light into or out of a room

  • Easy to operate

  • Are available in a range of colours and materials

  • All our Venetian blinds are made to measure

Motorised blinds

  • Your selected roller blinds can be fitted with efficient motorised systems

  • They are smooth and easy to operate

  • Motorisation also eliminates the need for chains or cords

  • At the press of a button you can lower or retract your blinds to any point, individually or as a specified room or area grouping

  • Sun sensors, if installed, raise and lower your blinds as required to protect your carpet, furniture and artworks

  • With a timer control you can program your blinds to open and shut at certain times of the day to conserve energy and reduce air conditioning requirements

Roman Blinds

  • Great for covering big area

  • Made to measure and fit required area

  • When up, provide light into room and unobstructed view.

  • When down, provide total privacy

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